Accessing your email using a web browser

You can access your email from any computer using a web browser. Just click the following address.

Roundcube Web Mail

How to configure various Email Programs

Setting up email programs on your computer

If you are already familuar with how to setup your email programs/clients, use the following settings

FTP Server



If your connection uses a cable modem, then you can check your usage here.

Check Usage

This requires your VLxxxxx number, which can be found on your invoice.

Connection speed

Test the speed of your connection.

Control panel

Web Hosting Control Panel

Domain control panel

This is where you can manage your domain, email addresses, websites, and so on.

FTP server

Use the FTP server to upload your files. ( only accepts SSL connections.)


POP3/IMAP server

Set your email programs to use POP3/IMAP ports 993, 995 to check for incoming messages on

SMTP server

Set your email programs to use the SMTP sever on port 587 to send outgoing messages on