How to configure FTP Program

Connecting to Dido Internet’s FTP server is pretty simple, we will show you how to use the very popular Filezilla Client/program. It is free and available from here.

After you have downloaded and installed Filezilla, start it and go to File–>Site Manager. Then click on New Site Button and give your connection a name, for example, your website name or just if you like.




Now follow the steps below to configure Filezilla to connect to Dido internet’s FTP server.

Please note that Dido Internet only uses encrypted connections for FTP, so please make sure you choose TLS as the encryption method
as noted below.

1. Enter the hostname:

2. Using the drop down arrow select FTP – File Transfer Protocol

3. Using the drop down arrow once again select Use explicit FTP over TLS if available

4. Using the drop down arrow, choose Normal

5. Type in the username given to you by Dido Internet, or the one you chose/created via The Control Panel

6. Enter the password you created in The Control Panel

7. Click on the Connect button and you will be connected to the FTP server and right into your website directory!


Once connected, you will see a screen similar to the one below. You can then transfer all your files to the folder named Web.

Now you’re all done!